Our SAWA design team collaborates with brands, celebrities, foundations, schools, companies, and personal clients to create custom items or experience for any occasion. Let us help you reimagine your Holiday gifts, event gift bags, and corporate signature items.

Our Partnerships


L’ANZA is a healing hair care company committed to eco-friendly and cruelty-free. SAWA artisans upcycled previous marketing materials to create hand-beaded charging cords for swag to sell at their Believe Inspire Grow (B.I.G.) Event.

L’ANZA also donated their amazing healing hair care products allowing SAWA to surprise the artisans with a spa day at the office with professional stylists, uplifting their spirits and their look. It was a special day of wellness and fun for all.


In celebration of the 1-year anniversary direct flight from Nairobi to New York, SAWA artisans upcycled previous editions of the in-flight Msafiri magazines to create hand-beaded jewelry for Kenyan Airways flight attendants and passengers.

They also upcycled old flight attendant uniforms in the creation of pouches.


The art gallery, Fonation Opale, offers the public the opportunity to explore contemporary art centralized around universal themes.

SAWA upcycled their marketing posters to create beautifully crafted customized earbuds to sell in their boutique.

Custom Collaborations


Daniel Diamond empowers people who are looking for onstage confidence without having to hold a microphone. Adding extra glam to familiar casual silhouettes, they can shine and pop out of the crowd.

Daniel Diamond partners with SAWA artisans on his jackets' custom beaded fringes. Featured here: a custom rainbow for Pride in Nashville.

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SAWA Ambassador, Andrea Restivo, is a yoga teacher, wellness advocate, and the founder of The Yoga Nectar.
In February 2019, Andrea traveled to Kenya, embracing the opportunity to become part of the SAWA Life team. While there, she spent quality time with SAWA artisans; getting to know the women on a deep level by adventuring with them through Kibera, connecting with them at the SAWA workshop, and teaching them and their children the practice of yoga.
Andrea's inaugural trip to Kenya was the inspiration for SAWA's sustainable product, the hand-beaded headband. She wanted to continue to create awareness and help the artisans thrive in their community by selling this headband. While It originally started as a headband for yoga, it is versatile, also making a statement as a necklace, bracelet, and hatband.
In reflection of the journey, Andrea says, "It was a blessing for me to be in this community. I felt more at home than ever before. These women are the most powerful, joyous, giving humans I've ever met. And, they loved yoga! That's why I want to contribute to help support this community in every possible way I can."


Dr. Ramani Durvasula is on a mission to demystify and dismantle the toxic influence narcissism has on all of our lives. Dr. Ramani has noticed that often times, the early signs a partner was narcissistic were there right from the very beginning but that we are quick to rationalize these behaviors, ignore them, and give out second, third, and 100th chances. Through this her "pink flag" campaign was born with the primary goal of helping people identify early signs they have entered into a relationship with a narcissistic partner before they are too entrench to make an easy exit.

Highlighting this campaign, SAWA artisans created hand-beaded USB charging cord lanyards in Dr. Ramani's brand colors which help raise awareness about this important issue.

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