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Our Mission

As a sustainable social enterprise, SAWA Life's mission is to spread the SAWA Life, "the good life", empowering marginalized women through employment and healthcare benefits.

While SAWA artisans have endured hardships such as extreme poverty, homelessness, and HIV, they have never lost sight of the good life.

They are our inspiration.


SAWA began out of an opportunity to empower a community from the inside out. The office is established in the heart of Kibera, Africa's largest slum. The work environment provides a safe, happy, and clean space for women to maintain a level of professional confidence and doubles as a support group. SAWA also brings in outside organizations to give educational talks on healthy living and instructors for yoga sessions.


Through the creation of 100% hand-beaded fashionable tech accessories sold globally, SAWA Life showcases the beauty of designs synonymous with African culture.

SAWA artisans’ use craft skills indigenous to Kenyan culture and paper beading techniques that originate from Uganda’s Luo tribe.

Eco-sensitivities and sustainability remain firmly at the heart of their enterprise, whereby SAWA Life creates hand-beaded originals with upcycled magazines.


The company was incubated by The Nourafchan Foundation whose mission is to improve the human condition through social and economic development.

In the summer of 2017, SAWA founders were on a philanthropic mission with The Nourafchan Foundation to Kibera, Africa's largest slum. They worked with the local community to install a water well at the REC school and create a self-sustaining water project.

During this trip, they also met a diverse collective of artisan women, and fell in love with their positive energy and beading techniques.

Thus SAWA Life was born.

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