SAWA {adverb}- a Kiswahili term heard in daily conversation throughout Eastern Africa, translates to “all good" or “no worries.” SAWA Life is a sustainable social enterprise that employs vulnerable women who have encountered such hardships as human trafficking, homelessness, extreme poverty, and HIV.

Meet Sawa's founding artisans, Florence and Mary, who are beading love and energy into your everyday electronics, by watching this video.


The Sawa Life office is established in the heart of Kibera, Africa's largest slum. Within their framework, the artisans have a fair and dignified working environment and are paid three-times the national average wage.


Through the creation of 100% hand-beaded fashionable tech accessories sold globally, SAWA Life showcases the beauty of designs synonymous with African culture. The artisans’ use craft skills indigenous to Kenyan culture and paper beading techniques that originate from Uganda’s Luo tribe. Eco-sensitivities and sustainability remain firmly at the heart of their enterprise, whereby Sawa Life works with upcycled or repurposed magazines.

"We started SAWA because we saw an opportunity not only to lift up others, but to empower from the inside a community that needed it. With just a little boost, these women could help themselves."


The company was incubated by the non-profit, The Nourafchan Foundation (TNF), the world’s first open-source philanthropy whose mission is to improve the human condition through social and economic development.

In the summer of 2017, SAWA founders were on a philanthropic mission with The Nourafchan Foundation to Kibera, East Africa's largest slum. They worked with the local community to install a borehole at a school and create a self-sustaining water project. During this trip, they also met a diverse collective of artisan women, and they fell in love with their positive energy and beading techniques.

SAWA Life was born.


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Visit our mural at:
7575 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

The #7575 Melrose Art Wall in Los Angeles is a place to view and explore works of art. Mexico City artist, Iskar, and LA-based street artist, WRDSMTH, created a masterpiece for SAWA. Please stop by to take a picture with our beautiful SAWA crown and spread the love and energy!

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