SAWA Sunglass / Airpod Croakies


Product Description

  • Dual Purpose:
  • Holds AirPods in Place using eco-sensitive silicone tips.
  • Magnetic connector turns AirPods into a necklace. 
  • Never lose or scratch your sunglasses again.

100% Handmade Using:

  • Up-cycled Magazines & Gift Wrap
  • Hemp Bioseal

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Your purchase empowers 30 women in Kenya.

SAWA's office employs 30 vulnerable women with fair wages, healthcare, education and scholarships, and more.

Sustainability First


Each cord is hand-made with 100% up-cycled magazines and sealed with hemp: a truly sustainable product.

Empowered Employees

Empowering women through employment opportunities and ensuring a life of prosperity. SAWA products are made and delivered with love!

100% Unique

Just like you, all SAWA products are completely one-of-a-kind.


Looking for a custom design?

We work with companies and brands to create the perfect gift, custom line, or statement piece.