SAWA Press Release

New Lifestyle Brand SAWA Blends Fashion, Tech, And Opportunity

 Los Angeles, CA (August 8, 2018) -- Taking its name from the prolific Kswahili term "SAWA," meaning "all good" or "no worries!," SAWA, a new lifestyle brand converging technology with fashion and bringing new opportunities to women in Kenya, made its debut in Los Angeles today.

Created during a 2017 philanthropic mission to Kibera, East Africa's largest slum, SAWA is empowering Kenya's female artists through the payment of above fair-wage compensation and the development of an artisan collective. 

The SAWA team has worked closely with their female artisans to take Kenya's beautiful jewelry-making techniques and apply them to practical electronic accessories with a modern and universal appeal.  The lifestyle brand blends synonymously with African culture and offers sustainable employment and independence to the women who create them.  As a result, each artistic creation is a statement piece -- and conversation-starter -- in its own right.

The SAWA flagship office is established in the heart of Kibera, Kenya, and employs women who have endured hardships such as extreme poverty and prostitution. Within their framework, the artisans have a dignified working environment and are paid a fair living wage three to four times above the average in the slums. With eco-sensitivities and sustainability remaining firmly at the heart of the enterprise, SAWA works with both traditional and repurposed materials as well as beads used by traditional Massai woman.

SAWA is launching with a range of products including attention-getting earbuds, portable device chargers, and fashionable tech accessories. Each design is uniquely hand-crafted using traditional East African beading techniques and boasts bold patterns and color variants. SAWA lifestyle products are available exclusively at


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