Artisan Story: Winfred Jeremiah

Winfred Jeremiah, SAWA Life

Just like many single mothers without a job in Kibera, Winfred Jeremiah struggled to put food on the table for her family. She had casual jobs like washing people's clothes and selling second-hand clothes but still had a difficult time making ends meet.

She lived a life of debt and her daughter was in and out of school because they lacked school fees.  She was always getting in trouble with the landlord for not having rent.

Food was scarce at home and at times she borrowed from her friends.  To keep her family afloat, she would ask community members if she could manage their small kiosks in order to make a days wage.

Florence Wanza later introduced her to Sawa Life where her determination quickly showed. It wasn't long before Winfred Jeremiah was one of the best artisans on the team.

With the earnings she makes from Sawa, she has managed to pay school fees and her family now lives very comfortably. 

“I was a laughing stock to my fellow peers, but now am with the good leagues!” -Winfred Jeremiah

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